Fall Fun with Your Dog

Fall is officially in full swing. Kids are back in school, decorations ranging from Halloween to Christmas are popping up in all the stores, and it seems that there is a festival of some kind scheduled every weekend from now until Thanksgiving. In addition to it being a great time to get out with family and friends, fall weekends are a great time to get out and enjoy some time with your dogs.

Now that the weather is cooler and both of you can stand to be outside a little longer, why not take your dog on a little adventure? You can look online to find local festivals that are dog friendly. Some, like the Salty Paws Festival here in Wilmington, are even specifically for dogs and their owners (but many human centered events may be dog friendly as well). If you live near a beach it may now be open to dogs as the tourist season comes to a close. Find a trail to go hiking on, or even just go walking around the town. Many cafes with outdoor seating allow polite dogs to accompany their owners for a cup of coffee – the options are endless!

Whatever option you choose, just be sure to plan ahead and keep safety in mind. Make sure that you verify your dog is allowed before you head out and that it’s an environment where your dog will be comfortable and safe. Remember to bring water, a dish and your leash and enjoy!

Need some ideas of places around town where your dog will be welcome? Check out www.bringfido.com for some ideas and reviews.