Marking Correct Behavior

Most people know that you need to let your furry friend know when they have done something wrong.‭ ‬Most also never have a problem knowing when to correct them,‭ ‬but did you know that it is just as important if not more so to let your dogs know when they are doing something right‭? ‬Marking a dogs correct behaviors not only‭ ‬helps them know exactly what you‭ ‬want from them but will also help to encourage them to continue doing the right things.‭ ‬Think of this type of training as you would for yourself.‭ ‬You would not want to continue working for someone if all they ever did‭ ‬was tell you what you are doing wrong and neither will your dog.

‭    ‬Some of the easiest and most efficient ways to do this is either with a command or even with a clicker,‭ ‬which some may‭ ‬know as clicker training.‭ ‬No matter which way you choose you must‭ ‬remember to always be consistent with your training and keep in mind the‭ ‬#1‭ ‬rule of dogs‭ ‬“If they let me do it once it must be okay‭!‬”.‭ 

The How To

The best command most commonly used to mark good behaviors is‭ ‬“Yes‭!‬”.‭ ‬It is short and simple,‭ ‬and if given in the right tone will be very encouraging to your dog.‭ ‬The same can also be done with a clicker.‭         

    Example:‭ ‬You are teaching your dog to sit.‭ ‬As soon as his/her bottom hits the floor let them know that is what you wanted by saying‭ ‬“Yes‭!‬” Then you can praise them with some love or a‭ ‬“good girl/boy‭”‬.

This can be added in with absolutely anything and everything that you are trying to train your dog to do:‭ ‬sit,‭ ‬stay,‭ ‬down,‭ ‬kiss,‭ ‬heel etcetera the list goes on.‭ ‬Just remember timing and consistency is your key to success.‭ ‬So as soon as they are doing what is asked of them mark it with a‭ ‬“Yes‭!‬” and your dog will be playing dead and rolling over in no time‭!

By adding this to your training your dog will learn exactly what you want from them and in a much shorter time frame than if you did not mark the right behavior.‭ 

Quick tip:‭ ‬If you are training your dog something more advanced remember to let them know when they are on the right path.‭ ‬This can be done with a‭ ‬“That‭’‬s it‭!‬”.