DOGS LOVE ALL: How Being More Like Your Dog Can Help You Become A Better Person

In the wake of the recent horrific tragedies in our country, as well as the atrocities occurring all over the world, it has become far too easy to hide, to barricade ourselves from the world we live in. We turn to our families and friends and take solace in knowing that we are all aching together. It is in times like these we should also turn to our dogs. Why? Because dogs love all. Here are a few examples of how we could all make the world a much better place, simply by being more like our dogs.

Dogs Don’t Fake

There’s no greater feeling than returning home and seeing your fur kid’s face light up like their sun just returned to the sky. A dog will always be happy to see you and the enthusiasm they muster at your arrival will never be fake.

Dogs Are Always Down To Lend A Paw

Leave it to the dogs to put people to shame when it comes to serving their communities. Service dogs, military working dogs, emotional therapy dogs, bomb detection dogs, search and rescue dogs… These heroes are not only lending a paw, they’re devoting their lives to the cause.

Dogs Are Always On Duty

In addition to professional service dogs, every pup has the capacity for heroism. Dogs are always on guard, they keep an eye out and take pride in watching over their pack. There is no such thing as a passive onlooker when it comes to dogs, they definitely don’t need to be reminded to say something when they see something.


Dogs don’t see color, gender, age, sexual orientation, or anything other than the fact that you are a person worthy of unconditional love and affection. Dogs don’t judge you for who you love. Dogs understand that love is love. And love is an unbelievably beautiful thing.