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While you might find quite a few options for pet care in the Wilmington, NC area, what sets us apart is the level of service and professionalism you’ll receive from Dog Pros to Go. Our mission is to make chaotic times less stressful for you and your loved ones.  We promise to provide reliable, trustworthy care for your babies in the comfort of their own home. Offering services ranging from vacation house calls and walks to private training sessions in your home, Dog Pros To Go is there for what you need.

Our goal is to take a business built on our love for dogs and provide a professional level of service you would traditionally expect from any businesses . Unlike the common one-man operations that make up most of dog walking businesses, we have multiple team members. Our staff consists of responsible, educated adults with comprehensive background checks and trained to follow professional procedures when on the job. You’ll never have to worry we won’t get to your pets if someone is sick or has car trouble, etc. We’re also insured to make sure that your home and you pets are covered while in our care. You can relax because Dog Pros to Go has you covered!


Our Training Methods and Background

Our certified trainers have backgrounds that include working with wildlife and zoo animals, temperament testing and rehabilitation work with rescue dogs, and formal education for canine obedience training and behavior modification. Through our varied experiences we have all come to agree on one thing – we love working with animals! We also love to share what we’ve learned with others. For this reason, we do everything we can to simultaneously educate you and your dog so you can continue to promote good habits once we’ve left.

Our goal in training is not only to teach your dog good habits or “neat tricks”, but to give you the tools necessary to further develop your dog’s education and healthy lifestyle. Here at Dog Pros to Go we strive to discover any underlying reasons behind your dog’s behavior as opposed to simple behavior corrections and believe in using positive reinforcement as our primary method as much as possible. We also understand that each dog and each family is unique. You won’t get the cookie cutter approach here because we structure our training around understanding what is important to your family and focus on providing techniques that realistically fit into your lifestyle. Dog Pros to Go makes sure that when our lesson is over you will have a solid foundation that will allow you to confidently and effectively communicate with you canine companion on your own.

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