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Whether you want to find someone to care for your pets while you’re on vacation, walk your dog at lunch time, or you need some one-on-one training sessions to help turn your pup into a model citizen, you don’t just want to let just anyone into your home. At Dog Pros To Go, we fully understand the difficulty and desire to find professional and dependable individuals you can trust. Fortunately, we’re not just dog-lovers; we’re experienced, educated professionals getting to do what we love while running a business we care about.

Offering services ranging from vacation house calls and walks to private training sessions in your home, Dog Pros To Go is there for what you need. Our goal is to take a business built on our love of dogs and provide a level of service you would traditionally expect from professional level businesses. We are a fully incorporated business that carries liability insurance for your property and your pet. Our staff consists of responsible, educated adults who have been background checked and trained to follow professional procedures when on the job. This ensures a safe and comfortable environment for both you and your pet. We strive to ensure that you will never need to worry about late or missed appointments or be concerned about the level of service you will receive. At Dog Pros To Go, we continually aim for professionalism and consistency.



Our Training Methods and Background



Our certified trainers have backgrounds that include working with wildlife and zoo animals, temperament testing and rehabilitation work with rescue dogs, and formal education for canine obedience training and behavior modification. Through our varied experiences we have all come to agree on one thing – we love working with dogs! We also love to share what we’ve learned with others! For this reason, we do everything we can to simultaneously educate you and your dog so you can continue to promote good habits once we’ve left. Our goal in training is not only to teach your dog good habits or “neat tricks”, but to give you the tools necessary to further develop your dog’s education and healthy lifestyle.

While each trainer at Dog Pros To Go may have a different backgrounds, all of us believe in using positive reinforcement as our primary method as much as possible. We also understand that each dog and each family is unique. You won’t get the cookie cutter pet store approach here, because we structure our training around understanding what is important to your family and focus on providing techniques that realistically fit into your lifestyle. Above all, we want to give you the tools you need and take the frustration out of training. Dog Pros To Go makes sure that when we leave you will have a solid foundation that will allow you to confidently and effectively communicate with your canine companion on your own.





About Jess

Jessica Lagoy, Owner and Lead Trainer


 Jessica's dogs, Sasha and Mya

Jessica's dogs, Sasha and Mya

While she followed a more technical path for her formal education, as a lifelong animal lover, Jessica has spent much of her life working and volunteering with creatures of all shapes and sizes. For the past 15 years, she's been fortunate enough to work alongside many experienced individuals from all different animal backgrounds, learning the techniques and principles she uses today. Some of her professional highlights include working as a volunteer in the education department at the North Carolina aquarium in Pine Knoll Shores and performing as a wildlife caretaker at the EcoTarium Zoo and Science Center in Worcester, Massachusetts. In addition, she has worked as a certified dog trainer for PETCO, learned the fundamentals of temperament testing and home evaluations as a volunteer for the German Shepard Rescue of New England, and served as a trainer and foster home for the Patriot Siberian Husky Rescue.

With such a wealth of knowledge in all things canine, Jessica decided her next best step was to share the tricks and techniques she's gathered to help other dog owners in any way she could. She not only understands that each dog has its own personality and individual needs, she takes this knowledge and uses it to tailor a professional and fun experience for your dog. This helps to create an efficient learning environment while promoting a closer bond between you and your pet. When she's not playing or working with your dog, you'll most likely find her practicing Muay Thai (she’s an amateur fighter!) or hanging out at home with her own dogs: Sasha, Ares & Mya.


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