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"Had a wonderful session on Sunday with Jess for our two English Bull Terriers. She was helpful and very comfortable in working with our fun, people loving crazy dogs. She assisted us to help get our dogs responding more calmly to our 1 year son and gave great written homework and recap information."

- Ashton A., Wilmington, NC 



"Life throws curves so quickly. My life has changed a lot recently, with Chanci (100 lbs., four-legged baby girl) always by my side. She has taken the role of my protector and confidant, but after moving from Raleigh to Wilmington, from a home to an apartment, from living on an acre of land to no land at all, Chanci faced many challenges. Challenges such as the different sounds in apartment living, taking walks and seeing other dogs and people coming-up so close to us.

WE were not handling these changes at all, until Jess from DogProsToGo came for a training session.  She talked with me about how I should handle Chanci, what were best practices for handling Chanci when meeting other dogs and people.  She even took time to walk with us and show me how I needed to control Chanci.  She provided materials and resources that have changed our lives to 90% better. Chanci has learned the words "Leave It" and her training collar helps the control factor between us and especially between us and others and their dogs. Walking Chanci is a joy.  Thanks DogProsToGo..  YOU ARE  A BLESSING!  I would strongly recommend this service to everyone.  No issue to big for them to handle.

- P. Blackmon, Wilmington, NC

"I highly recommend Dog Pros To Go. Not only have I benefited from Jessica's expertise, but I also referred my mother to her who was having trouble with her husky. I was having trouble with one of my dogs being reactive towards other dogs after she was attacked. Jessica's advice helped my dog and me feel comfortable and confident around other dogs once again. I can not thank her enough for her advice! If you are having an issue with your dog that you need help with, do not hesitate to contact her. She has experience with all types of dogs, including very stubborn breeds such as Siberian Huskies."

-Pamela W., Raleigh, NC



Absolutely wonderful group of dog loving people! We recently came to the beach on vacation and brought our dog who just had surgery and needed a little "extra attention"! Dog Pros was just wonderful and accommodating. My husband and I were able to enjoy our vacation knowing our sweet boy was being so well cared for! A very generous, caring group of people, we just couldn't have been any happier with their services!

-Meg P., Wilmington, NC



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